Sunday, March 8, 2009

Top 10 Places to Date

Today I have tip for your date to choose the best place.
This are top 10 places.

  1. Your home -why? because your home is comfortable and you can make there for a romantic place that your lover will like it and feel you are amazing. Someone said that's the bad place but I think that's the best place.Because they can learn about your life.They can closer what you are. Don't be shy for your real life. If they can match with you they will like you. That's easy way to know so you don't waste your time.

  2. Restuarant -find your lover's favorite food then see around your home for the best restaurant. Don't forget to try restaurant's food first.Then your lover will be impressed in that dinner.

  3. Theatre -This is a basic place for have a good time together. Find a good movie and take tickets. After watch the movie you can have many topics to chat about movie.

  4. Garden -Pick your love books and some wine and cookies take a relax time together.Forget your hard work , get in deep a good time with them.Feel good with clear air.

  5. Coffee Shop -Find your love coffe shop and sweet place with good bakery.Mabe have a good taste of cup cake or cookies.Make them feel relax after day.

  6. Night Club -Get fun and relax with your favorite night club.Make that night is the best for them.

  7. The Beach-If your place nearly the beach.Then you take them to have a nice day or holiday tirp at that place.At night you can take her hand and walk along the beach after sweet dinner.I think that's very very romantic.

  8. Find Sweet Place nearly your home -Every town have a romantic place you can take her there. If you have a long holidays you can ake her to go somewhere that's nice and lovely place.Find it in if you have no idea.

  9. Your lover home -This is a good choice too if they want too.So you should find some gifts for her or take some good wine for him.Maybe cook dinner together.That'll fun and can talk many things about your love food.

  10. Books Store or Your interested Store -You can share your love things with them or you will know what're they love things. Maybe you should know what's her/him like such as books , bakery, Asain foods,National foods,Toys,Handmade Shop ... etc.

TIPS: All of that place are work for who that want to know can you and your lover can be together.You will see what's effect when they know you in real life.No pretending.You will be yourself.Don't lie anything to her.Try to have good time together.Learn of life each other.Don't scare to lose them.Try to do your best.Make every date is the best date.I hope you will find your real love!