Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Who is your soulmate?

This is a hot question.Everyday when you wake up ,you always ask yourself that who is my soulmate?? Your body alway have two pieces. Exp. your eyes,your hands,your legs,your foots,your lip,...But you have only one heart. Why?? Maybe you need to find another piece.

How did you know that you found your soulmate?

Nobody can tell you that your lover is your soulmate.Only you that can tell yourself.But I can tell you that your soulmate should have this things.

  • When you far away from your lover you and him/her will thinking of each other so much.
  • You will think of each other on same time. For sample,If you are calling to him/her.They do same things like you.
  • When you are thinking of him/her.they will contact you on that time.
  • When you cry they will feel heart pain like you.Maybe cry with you.
  • When you be with him/her you will feel like you know each other for long time.
  • They will do everything for you by heart.They will not selfish.
  • When you have problem they will come to you frist.
  • They will love you like you love them.
  • When you have quarrel with them that will very severe.But after that you will love each other much more.
  • When you are making love you will feel very hot and happy like never happen before and it will still feel like this until you die.
  • Everywhere you be with them you will forget everything pain.You will have power full.
  • They will understand you and be with you.
  • They will love you what you are.
  • They will protect you from another.
  • When you hold their hand you will feel warm in your heart.You will feel like you have they for long time.
  • When you hug them that will full fill your heart.

If you feel like that ways I thing you found your soulmate. And they need to feel the same like you.

Frist Date!!

Good things & Bad things on Frist date.

When you have frist date with your love that's very great time.But someone that is nightmare.Why many people scare for frist time on date?I think if you so scare or worried about it you should not go!! Why? because you will not be yourself .But we can fix it!!

Good things you should do:
  • Be yourself this is very important thing.
  • Relax and take it easy.
  • Smile and Smile your smile will make that day so nice.
  • On time.
  • Think that everybody is different so nobody same you.Just listen and enjoin with your lover.
  • Think positive.

Bad things you should not do:

  • Make up too much
  • Dress up different from everyday you are.Look nice is ok but not too much.
  • Talk about yourself too much
  • Ask too much.
  • Worried about your look.
  • Think that he/she will not like you.

It's easy if you think that day same every day.It will pass away so you should enjoin with it as much as you can. You will feel that so easy to make him/her like you.Because you so lovely and friendly. And tell yourself that he/she will fall in love with you!!

Someone think if.. if.. if.. that day very very terrible so what you shold to do???

I have only one answer for you "Let it pass away you still have tomorrow"

Ways to say "I love you"

"I love you"

This word is a magic word because it can make you smile and sometime can make you cry.But someone don't know how to tell their lover. I have some tips for you.

Tips when man tell woman.
  • Send flowers
Choose some flowers for her .Before you buy it you should know what's her favorite flower.You should send it to her by yourself because if you send from shop or delivery man that is basic and seem you don't care.If you give it to her by yourself and tell your love through your eyes.That's the best way. If you want to confirm your love more you can write note on your card that "Love You". Someone said it's a simply way.But you can use this all the time.

  • Take care of her

Don't confuse that why I tell you like this.I would like to tell you that this is not easy way but you can do it erverytime everywhere when you be together. I will give you some sample. When you cross the road you must to be side that car come.If she aks you "what are you doing?" easy way to answer "because I love you so much".Get it?? This is a little thing but is a big thing in her mind.Believe me!!

  • Send her your song

Choose some song that is you.when she listen it then she can feel to you.If you can play guitar it will very romantic.Play your love song and sing it then save in disc send to her by your hand.

  • Make sweet dinner

Don't go to restaurant. Just find some sweet menu.I mean your favorite food and her favorite food and plan to make them together.So you will have good time together.You can design by yourself at your home or your room.Find something romantic like candle , aroma or romance movie. When you have a perfect time just wisper to her that "I love you".

  • Give her some gift

Find her faverite gift or something she interested.Maybe when you go to somewhere with her and she tell you that she would like something you just keep it in memory then make time to buy it by yourself and give it to her later with sweet note. That mean you care her.

Tips when womon tell man.

  • Sweet kiss and hug.

This is easy and simple.Kiss him and tell him slowly that how much you love him.Look in his eyes tell your love through your eyes.If you can't do this I still have another way for shy girl.

  • Do something for him

If you know that he want something that you can make it for him.Do it and show him that you happy to do it for him.If he like you that will easy for this tip because you can tell him why you always care about him.

  • Beside him when he need you

You will be with him when he need someone and Do something to tell him that you'll be his side.He will feel that he has you.

All tips are basic thing but almost forget it.p0064p.gif