Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Love is....

What's love?

I think this question is very hot when you fall in love.Many people find answer for their whole life.Me too! Love power make everybody do something for someone or theirselve. You can see around that when people fall in love together. They will change thier life stlye someone do thing that they never do it before.I think love is miracle. Do you think?

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If you think that love for human only maybe not. Because when you fall in love with your pets that is love. When you want to take care something or someone that is love. When you want to be with something or someone that is love. What's question in your mind? Answer "Love is around the world" .

See, how you know that you fall in love?
  • You can't sleep all night and can't wait for tomorrow to see him/her face.
  • You feel so hot when you thinking of him/her.
  • You can't stop talking about him/her with your friends.
  • You are exited when you see him/her
  • You always thinking of him/her all time.

I think this enough for know that you fall in love...

How you know that you love him/her?

I think this question seriously because most people easy to fall in love with someone but they don't know that they really love him/her. Ok we will see if you feel like this maybe you love him/her about 90%.

  • You can share everythings.
  • You can be yourself when you be with him/her.
  • You can cry with him/her.
  • You will do everything for him/her smile.
  • You feel want to help him/her for everything you can.
  • You will be their side when they need you.
  • You will not feel that thier matter is not your business.
  • You will missing them so much when far away.
  • You can forgive them when they do something wrong.

If you feel like this I think that 90% you love them.