Friday, February 27, 2009

Keep love going on...

How long your love?
Many people have short relationship.Why? I have many many answers for this questions.But I have some tips for you.
  • Trust - This is a improtant thing. If you don't trust on your lover that mean your love broken. Why I tell you like that? Because you will always think that he/she lie you. So you will not happy with them.You will always check that where when why what did they do???? All many questions in your head all time when you far away from your lover. Then STOP ! and Trust in your lover before you broke your love by your self!
  • Time - You need to have time for activity with your lover.Don't find reason to tell me that you are very busy...If you don't care about this you will have problem with your love I swear! Make a time.Maybe have dinner together every weekend. Or find good movie or shopping together.Leave your work and find something do with them to full fill your love heart.
  • Relax-When you have problem with your work or something.Go some where to relax or do something that you love.Don't keep it in your mind and bring it back home.Why? Because you will get bad mood and I feel every things around yourself that terrible.
  • Gifts - Someone said gifts not improtant.I said "No No No". Gift is improtant sometime you can find a little thing that she/he love it.Give it to him/her.They will feel that you care them and love them.Believe me this is work!